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Masking tools Download manual

Background Remover User's Manual

The goal of the Background Remover is to extract objects from images having complex background content with the minimum efforts. You do not need accurately draw out an object. You can mark colors inside and outside object and receive prefect result. Learn more...

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Background Remover: How to change image background

This tutorial will show you how to change image background and make fun collage. Show Tutorial...

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Background Remover: How to make “Out of bounds” images.

This tutorial will show you how to make an image jump out of frame using extraction tool and frames. Show Tutorial...

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Background Remover: Object extraction? It is very easy!

Background Remover: Object extraction? It is very easy!

How often do you catch yourself at an idea to change something in an image you are looking at? Do you believe yourself to be a very creative person? Show Tutorial...

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Translucator User's Manual

Plug-in extracts translucent objects (glass, smoke, fog, fur etc.) from image. Using Translucator you can make a result that is unavailable with other masking programs like Adobe Magic Extractor, Corel Knock-Out, Microsoft Expression and so on.Learn more...

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Image & Photo Enhancement Download manual

Magic Denoiser

It has keen sensitivity in detecting various image features and fine details preventing them from blurring in the process of noise reduction.Learn more...

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Magic Sharpener

Amazing image sharpening plug-in without color halos and increased color noise. It increases the contrast along edges and gets more contrast to fine details.Learn more...

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Image Repainter

It borrows template image colors properties to change colors of source image. It allows the user to express pleasing colors from desirable prototype image to some other images.Learn more...

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Pattern & Tile creation Download manual

Tile Builder User's Manual

Tile Builder creates fantastic attractive seamless patterns using symmetry rules. Our plug-in has unique flexibility and power: you can move, rotate and bend target shape in order to match desirable motif for you seamless pattern. Learn more...

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Creation décor and ornament using Tile Builder

In this tutorial you can learn how to create Pattern, Frieze and Rosette for decoration, design and authoring your products. Learn more...

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Special Effects Download manual

ImageSkill PixPattern: How make a nice postcard

This tutorial will show you how to make a nice postcard using ImageSkill PixPattern using just a few mouse clicks. Show Tutorial

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Image Frame

Image Frame creates naturally-look 3D frame. Add frame and text to your photos. You can apply rectangular and elliptical frame, change frame profile, material, and lightening.Learn more...

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