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Image Frame is a Photoshop-compatible plug-in for Windows designed by ImageSkill Software. Image Frame allows you create naturally-look 3D frames. Using Image Frame you can easy personalize your photos. Add frame and text to your pictures. You can apply rectangular and elliptical frame, change frame profile, material, and lightening. You can add text and effects to image as well.

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This help contains the following sections:

Install and uninstall procedures

Run setup file. Installer try to find suitable graphic hosts. Choose one of them from list. If you want to install plug-in in other folder, select item "Other path" and set path. In this case you must set "Plug-ins path" of your graphic host to setup folder.

In order to uninstall plug-in run uninstall.exe or use Add and Remove Programs item in the Control Panel.

Using Image Frame

This plug-ins works under RGB or Grayscale data with 8bits/channel.

  1. Open an image in your graphic editor.
  2. Call the Image Frame plug-in. (For Adobe Photoshop "Filter->Image Skill->Image Frame").
  3. Choose one of "factory" presets and press "Apply".
  4. Or

  5. Select form of frame (rectangular or ellipse).
  6. Select object on the image (if you set "Select" mode, if you set "Full" mode, frame will be bounded by image size.)
  7. Run "Edit profile" dialog.
  8. Create desirable profile and set material properties (see Tools, Sliders and Buttons Descriptions).
  9. Run "Illumination" dialog and set desirable illumination.
  10. Press Apply button (or double-click) in order to create frame around object using the current settings.
  11. Press OK button.

Tool, Sliders and Buttons Descriptions

Zoom tool

Use this tool for zooming. Click to zoom in. Right-click to zoom out.

Pan tool

Click and drag to pan images larger than the windows.

Marquee tool

Use to select image area for frame generation. Drag a shape to match object, then click Apply (or double-click) for frame generation.

Edit Profile Dialog


Switch between frame and lens parameters

Profile section

Set frame (lens) profile. Use context menu (mouse right-click).

Apply effect to section

Set active baguette element.


Select predefine material or create new material.

Environment map

Select image for environment map.


Set opacity for environment map.


Select text or bump map ornament type.

Bump map

Select image for bump map.


Set depth for bump map.

Illumination Dialog

Enable illumination

Switch on/off illumination rendering.

Reset to default

Reset illumination parameters to default values.

Color, Direction, Elevation

Set color, direction and elevation of the light correspondingly.

Diffuse properties

Set diffuse properties of the frame.

Specular properties

Set specular properties of the frame.

Options Dialog

Auto Apply

If this flag is checked, process will started automatically after any parameter's changes.


Switch on/off a draft mode (increase render speed with loss of quality).

Frame and Lens

Allows to switch on/off generation of one of components of a portrait frame: frames or lenses.

Tips and Tricks

The following tips will help you get the best results when using Image Frame.

  • Using "Draft" mode for preview you can increase render speed.
  • You can apply frame to fully transparent picture and then apply result to other  images.
  • Switch off lens if you do not want geometric distortion effect.

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