The ImageSkill Affiliate Programs offer you the chance to earn commission of 30% on sales of our products. The Affiliate Program is free and straightforward to join and will only take a couple of minutes.

The following prices show what you can earn by selling just one copy of the following products:

ImageSkill Background Remover $14.70 US
ImageSkill Magic Sharpener $8.99 US
ImageSkill Tile Builder $7.49 US

How does it work?

Once you've signed up to the program and accepted the Terms, we will give you a unique code snippet or link that you can use on your web site. If someone follows that link, and buys one of our products, you will be credited with 30% of the sale. Your affiliate account gives you full, real-time statistics on the number of clicks, downloads and sales so you will always know exactly where you stand.

How to Join?

Our affiliate program is managed by ShareIt (Germany) and RegNow (USA). Both are Digital River branches and participants oneNetwork Affiliate Program. To become an affiliate, simply go or and register as affiliate. Fill out the forms, then send us your affiliate identification name. During the registration process you will be able to tell how you wish to be paid... either by check, wire transfer, or direct deposit.

Sign Up as a ShareIt affiliate

Sign Up as a RegNow affiliate

Affilate Program Information

In creating your advertisements for ImageSkill products, you can find detailed text descriptions of the products on our site or in the PAD XML files we provide for each product.

We can send marketing materials by demand.

Our ShareIt Vendor ID: 200028798

Our RegNow Vendor ID: 14080

Product Name RegNow Product ID ShareIt Product ID
Background Remover 14080-1 300064602
Tile Builder 14080-2 300070576
Image Repainter 14080-3 300074426
Image Frame 14080-4 300086033
Translucator 14080-5 300115360
Magic Sharpener 14080-7 300115360

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