Dear Customer,

My name is Dmitry Chernichenko.

I am the CEO of ImageSkill Software Company, providing plug-ins for photo editing and enhancement. These plug-ins are fully functional in all major photo editing software including Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro.

In the past, ImageSkill has collaborated with Jasc Software Inc. by developing photo editing tools for Paint Shop Pro 7, 8, 9. After developing some features for Corel Paint Shop Pro X, ImageSkill launched its own projects designed to help all customers make their images better with minimal effort and guesswork.

ImageSkill is continually on the frontlines of image processing and enhancement. Our products are the result of years of wisdom building, psychology of user visual perception and trial and error experience.

Why am I doing this? A couple of reasons: First, photography is my passion. Second, I love to spend time on my computer enhancing and improving my digital images. I know how annoying the image enhancement process can be. I tried a large number of photo editing packages and plug-ins, spent a lot of money to buy them and many hours testing them. Image Skill approved many ideas working with Jasc Software, Inc., Corel Corp., and LG Electronics and received many positive responses from customers. It gives me satisfaction to develop products that can make photographers much happier and more satisfied with their own images.

Look at the demo versions of our products, download and try them now. We are confident that you will be surprised by their quality and affordable price. I sincerely hope that ImageSkill software will help you to make a lot of marvelous images with your own creative style. Enjoy working with ImageSkill software.


Dmitry Chernichenko, PhD (Computer Science)

CEO of ImageSkill Software


Our history begins in 1997 when our group, being a part of SPIRT (Saint-Petersburg Image Research Team), founded at the State Optical Institute, took part in doing the CBIR (content-based image retrieval) project for Imation Corp. (USA). From 1998 through 2004 we collaborated with JASC Software Inc. (US, MN), makers of the award winning Paint Shop Pro, a versatile and specialized digital image editing software. We took an active and very productive role in developing the last three versions of their software (JASC Paint Shop Pro 7,8,9). Jasc then sold Paint Shop Pro to Corel and for the next two years (2004 - 2005) our group worked with Corel Corporation (Canada) developing their rebranded image editing software Corel Paint Shop Pro X. Along the way, we became co-authors of various US patents and US patent applications in the field of image processing and enhancement.

In 2006, our group launched its own independent company under the 'ImageSkill' trademark. Our first project was tasked with mobile image defocusing and was commissioned by the Saint-Petersburg division of LG Electronics. We also provided Corel with a "background removal plugin" which was included in their version of Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Ultimate. We continue to do research, development, coding , sales and service in the digital imaging field.

The mainstream of Image Skill research is now: automatic image enhancement, noise removal, chromatic aberration correction, geometric distortion correction, scratch removal, image warping, uneven illumination correction, tone mapping, gamut mapping, red eye removal, background erasing, moire removal, pattern and texture generation, automatic image feature detection, special effects, content-based image retrieval, image color change, and many other applications.


We are open to partnerships with companies that are interested in doing joint business ventures in software development and sales. Our background and experience allow us to be very flexible and we are able to take into account all customer requirements.

We are ready to supply our technologies in the image processing area to all interested parties.

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