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Tile Builder Art Pack

Aug 3rd 2006 1:32pm, ImageSkill Software

Dear User,

I am glad to inform you that we have released free Tile Builder Art Pack.

Tile Builder Art Pack consists of 100 patterns and 25 masks.

You can download free Tile Builder Art Pack (2.68M) from our server.

Download file, unzip it and use patterns and masks as you like.

Sincerely your, Chernichenko Dmitry.

About ImageSkill Software

Our team works in the image processing area since 1998 year. The first our client was Imation Corp. and the project we have done for them was devoted to content based image retrieval. Over the last seven years we have worked for the JASC Software Inc., specializing in creation of photo-editing software. (In 2004 JASC was acquired by Corel Corporation). We took an active and very productive part in developing of the last four versions of their software (JASC Paint Shop Pro 7,8,9, Corel Paint Shop Pro X). Also we have developed image enhancement tools for Xara Group (Xara Picture Editor) and LG Electronics.

We made serious progress in automatic image enhancement, noise removal, chromatic aberration correction, geometric distortion correction, scratch removal, image warping, uneven illumination correction, tone mapping, gamut mapping, red eye removal, background erasing, moiré removal, pattern and texture generation, automatic image feature detection, special effects and many other applications.

Recently we have launched own products under ImageSkill Software trademark.

Now we sell 3 Adobe-compatible plug-ins for Windows.

Background Remover – The goal of the Background Remover is to extract objects from images having complex background content with the minimum efforts. You do not need accurately draw out an object. You can mark colors inside and outside object and press Apply.

Tile Builder – new tool for creation seamless patterns from images using symmetry rules. This plug-in will be useful for web designers, artists, photo and computer graphics enthusiasts.

Image Repainter - It borrows template’s image colors properties to change colors of source image. It allows the user to express pleasing colors from desirable prototype image to some other images.

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