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Jul 17, 2008, ImageSkill Software

Dear friends,

Last July we have launched a public opinion poll concerning for what cosmetic retouching techniques do you like to use for. Just now we would like to thank all of 120 voters that expressed their own opinions on our site. We really appreciate all of them and their opinions are very valuable to us. Now look at the poll results shown below.

Voting results

Although only 120 visitors to our site took part in the poll but on average any of them voted for more than 3 types of photo retouching. We are just curious to see that 75 votes of our visitors express their wish to change background. We would not like to speculate about the reason for this but we hope that our plug-in Background Remover might be helpful to everyone having such a wish.

Need for other cosmetic improvements like removing blemishes and wrinkles, and smoothing skin tone is less important for our visitors. Only 56 and 51 votes of them express such a wish respectively.

Even less popular wish to retouch something in an image dealing with a group of cosmetic improvements including whitening teeth (42 votes), changing color (eye, hair, etc) (38 votes), fixing red eye (37 votes), and enhancing body shape (34 votes).

Interest to replacing texture and removing birthmark is three times lower than a wish of changing background. And such exotic cosmetic improvement as adding drawing won only 19 votes.

You can see that so many people so many wishes to improve something in an image. But there are just so much opportunities of doing it now. Try and enjoy the result!


Why do you add special effects onto your photo?

You can see POLL at our product's page

Please, tell us your reason; this information is very important for us.

ImageSkill team

About ImageSkill Software

Our team works in the image processing area since 1998 year. Over the last seven years we have worked for the JASC Software Inc., specializing in creation of photo-editing software. (In 2004 JASC was acquired by Corel Corporation). We took an active and very productive part in developing of the last four versions of their software (JASC Paint Shop Pro 7, 8, 9, Corel Paint Shop Pro X). Also we have developed image enhancement tools for LG Electronics. Recently we started the selling of our products under ImageSkill trademark.

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