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Aug 30th 2006 11:15am, ImageSkill Software

Dear Subscriber,

Adobe Solution Partner Program

I am glad to inform you that our company has joined to Adobe Solution Partner Program. It allows us to be more professional and use advanced technology in our products.

Feature Request forum

We have created new topic in our Forum Feature Requests.

Recently we started the selling of our products under ImageSkill trademark. We achieved much success in this area, but we are very interested in making our user happy. We can not do it without your help. Yours feedback is very valuable for us. Please, write us what you would like to find in the next versions.

What features are important for you? What is impressive for you in our current versions and what is annoying from your perspective? We will try to take your notes into account and modify our products according to them.

You can write own wishes to our Forum or email it to

Just now all of our registered customers are free of charge for getting updated versions of our products. It means that we are going to send our modified versions directly to all registered customers. However, I do not promise you that such (free of charge) possibility will be available all the time.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requests or notes.

Press about us

Recently Danish DIGITAL FOTO magazine wrote article about one of our product- Background Remover 2.0 and supplied to subscribers demo-version on add-on disk.

You can see PDF version of this article on our site.

Sincerely your, Chernichenko Dmitry.

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